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“The doctors said I probably wouldn’t live very long….”  

Our founding pastor, the late Rev. Julius Sasportas, would often share the story of his fragile start in life. But he defied the odds and lived for over 90 years.

Rev. Sasportas’ experience is a metaphor for the Co-op City Baptist Church.

We’ve had to scrape, sacrifice and fight for everything. Although we’ve been knocked down many times, by God’s grace, we have never been KNOCKED OUT.

Any day now, cranes will arrive on the site, and the “digging” will begin!

Our new church edifice will include a state-of-the-art facility to house a comprehensive youth education and recreational program.

But, we can do more things faster for our kids if we’re not in debt. Working in the red is why many large community-based projects shut down. And we will not fail these kids! We need to earn $100,000 in a year.

Kindly donate, and share this link through social media so others can join this effort.

It’s easy to say you want our kids to excel in math, reading, technology and science, but will you actively support such an outcome?

Even if you don’t know us, please do this **(seriously)** …

Pray over your credit card. Then make your donation as a love offering to God. He will bless you for being a blessing to children.  Thank you!

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Nursing Ministry

Nursing Ministry

Head Nurse
Nursing Department
(718) 320-3774
Favorite Bible Passage
“ . . . I was sick, and you assisted Me.” (Matthew 25:36b, NASB)

The purpose of the Nurses’ Ministry is to assist the physical needs of the congregation, wherever necessary, and to bring consolation when needed as well.  They will care for anyone attending service that may become ill, call the next of kin or an ambulance.  One of the nurses will accompany that person to the hospital, as well.  All members of the ministry are trained in CPR and first aide.  The ministry is present during each Sunday service, as well as traveling with the Pastor when he is called to preach at another church.

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